A massive book about MSX games and accessories !

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Wim Dewijngaert, or wimpie3 here on MRC, is best known for his contributions to MSX Club Magazine and "The Big Peeks, Pokes and Tricks" book series (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) . More than 3 years ago, he started writing "Konami's MSX Legacy: the unofficial story".

With some help by the MSX-community the result can only be considered to be his magnum opus. This book provides an overview of all the hardware and software released by Konami on the MSX, including comparisons, screenshots, tips, tricks, facts and figures.

A staggering 840 pages in full color means it's the thickest book ever published on an MSX related subject. It can now be ordered through Amazon. However, as the book is "print on demand", it will take approximately 1-2 months before shipment takes place.

Prices (excluding P&P) may fluctuate, but indications are given below:
40-45 GBP
45-50 EUR
195-200 BRL
50-55 USD

Book about MSX games and accessories