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Knabber Rob - Atari 2600


Côté Gamers is proud to present - Knabber Rob -  the new game from Jason Santuci and Gemintronic.

For the first time, you will have to show bravery, not to steal treasure, but to bring it back to their respective chest!

Available late june 2019



Knabber Rob is a tribute to Adventure Game on Atari 2600

Knabber Rob is a tribute to the famous Adventure, a well-known game for the Atari 2600.

You are a bat, and your master, a sorcerer, gave you the task to bring back all the teasures of the map to their respective chest.

You got 5 minutes to find 8 castles, take their treasures and bring it back to a specific chest.

On the screenshot with an orange castle, the item is the yellow sprite. The thing below is your character, a purple bat.

As you can see on the same screenshot, the timer shows now only 2 minutes to find all the remaining treasures. The one you are carrying must be deliver to count !

All the game interest is based on your ability to find a maximum amount of treasure before the time stop !

There is no fight, but you’ll encounter some dragons, more or less aggressive. If they touch you, you’ll be warped to another part of the map and of course that means you’ll be disoriented and waste valuable time!

You’ll play through 3 game modes:

•the first one is very simple and you’ll easily find castles and treasures
•the second one use a semi-random system
•the last one is random! This time you’ll face a very challenging game!

Atari 2600 Knabber Rob - Adventure Atari 2600 Knabber Rob - Adventure

Atari 2600 Knabber Rob - Adventure Atari 2600 Knabber Rob - Adventure

Atari 2600 Knabber Rob - Adventure Atari 2600 Knabber Rob - Adventure


As always, you will have:

•a professionally made cardboard box,

•a quality made cartridge with laminated sticker,

Atari 2600 Knabber Rob - Adventure

•a 16 pages, full colors instructions manual - making of included, english-french.

Atari 2600 Knabber rob - aventure Atari 2600 Knabber rob - aventure

Author : Jason Santuci

Number of players : 1

Game modes: 3

Controller : joystick

Cart size : 16k

Visuals are indicative and subject to change without notice.

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