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Books to know everything about a subject.

Encyclopedias are about subjects, not just games.

The aim is to document important subjects, whose existence and influence extend over decades.

The encyclopedias follow their own organization according to the subject they tackle: the Shmup encyclopedia is thus organized in games, while the Codex Major is oriented towards an alphabetical treatment of the components of the Castlevania saga.

Complete books

Each of the encyclopedias goes into great detail about its subject, dissecting it to the point where video game historians or the curious can find material for research and comparison, or simply find pleasure in clarifying historical or cultural points that have never been addressed in the video game literature.

Meticulous books

Following the editorial policy of Côté Gamers, the encyclopedias are intended for curious or passionate readers, but also for video game researchers and documentalists. The thoroughness of the information provided is therefore essential.

The details included in our encyclopedias are numerous and varied, but above all, they are precise and verified. Some hypothetical elements are also included in the set, to help confirm or deny certain hypotheses put forward elsewhere, or to suggest new complementary research at a later date.

These encyclopedias should eventually make it possible to document the video game as no one has ever done before.

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