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Fan Books

Books to know everything about a game or a series.

Fan Books are books whose objective is to offer the most complete knowledge possible about a game or a series. This collection is aimed at both the unconditional fans of a game and the video game enthusiasts who wish to perfect their general knowledge.

Each volume is divided into richly documented and illustrated sections:
Scenario, game system, bestiary, inventory, derivatives, adaptation in alternative media (comics, movies, cartoons, etc).

These sections are provided with numerous texts and focus on dozens of anecdotes.

All adaptations, even the rarest ones, are covered.

ALL THE ADAPTATIONS of the games discussed are included in the Fan Books and are given the same care. You will be able to compare the scenarios of the adaptations, but also the gameplay of each one or the way the graphic designers have taken up or reinvented the original universes and creatures.

These adaptations also have their own anecdotes, and if there are derivative products, they are listed in the appropriate section.

The complete solutions to rediscover the games covered.

The original versions always have a very detailed and richly illustrated complete solution. These solutions include alternate endings and/or branching, as well as difficulty levels and all the items/magics/abilities/techniques to be found/unlocked.
Finally, most Fan Books offer quiz sections to test your knowledge.

Think you know a game? Read the Fan Books and learn!

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