Castlevania - Fan Book Vol.2 Deluxe Box

This page describes the French version.
Soon available in English

Our Deluxe Fan Books series welcomes a new title: Castlevania.


WARNING: The images correspond to the French version only. The English and Spanish versions will have a translated Deluxe Collector's Edition Big Box.

Castlevania Fan Book Deluxe Box

As for our Deluxe version of Zelda, this edition offers 2 volumes:

- Volume 1 "Master of Darkness": it concerns the game itself. You will find the complete bestiary + the complete inventory + the complete solution with many tips for beginners and experienced players. The bestiary presents all versions of the creatures with numerous anecdotes.

-Volume 2 "Sancti Biblia": refers to everything derived from the game. You will find detailed articles on all the sequels of the game, its spin-offs, its derivatives, the animated series and the general influences of the saga.  This volume is a reprint of a book published in 2012 in a very limited edition by Oldies-rising. For this reissue, the layout has been completely redesigned and the content has been partially modified. New pages have been added.

These two volumes are in portrait format and are housed in an illustrated box in landscape format. An original and aesthetic way to present the game in your collection for a nice effect in your Castlevania display case. The box also contains several bonuses:

- 3 illustrations for the books and the box in 21 X 29,7 cm format.


- 3 original illustrations in 21 X 26 cm format (the visuals will be unveiled during the campaign)

-6 original illustrations, reinventing the game's bosses and their lairs in a terrifying and realistic style.

Castlevania Deluxe Box Contenido de la caja, ilustraciones y marcapáginas


3 Surprise illustrations. These illustrations reinvent some key passages of the game.

Castlevania Deluxe Box Ilustraciones sorpresa


6 double-sided A4 illustrations that reinvent the bosses and their lair in a realistic style.

Castlevania Deluxe Box 6ilustraciones sorpresa

Castlevania Deluxe Box books presentation banner


Castlevania Deluxe Box Libro vol.1 y vol.2

The two volumes total more than 400 pages.

The two volumes of this deluxe box set are in A5 format (15 X 21 cm).
Each volume has a hard cover.
The paper weight is 130 grams.
The pages are 100% color.
Numerous original illustrations, inspired by the Castlevania universe and created especially for these books, punctuate the pages.

Castlevania Deluxe Box extraits vol.1 et vol.2

Castlevania Deluxe Box banner for the presentation of the box

The box is made of cardboard with interior reinforcements on the bottom for greater aesthetics and resistance.
It opens from the top.
A black border on the outside bottom contrasts with the illustration on the cover.
Books can be easily removed from the box thanks to a small finger space.

Castlevania Deluxe Box Caja 3D


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