Zelda - Fan Book Deluxe Box


154 pages + 222 pages - 100% COLOR ON HIGH QUALITY PAPER

This first volume of the Fan Book collection looks back at one of the greatest classics of video games: The Legend Of Zelda on NES/ Famicom, as well as its "remake" on Super Nintendo Satellaview: BS The Legend Of Zelda.

As with each volume, several sections allow you to rediscover the game from every angle:
-scenario, gameplay, inventory, bestiary, merchandise, cartoon adaptation (Princess Zelda), children's story adaptation,
-Complete solutions of both quests with maps, shortcuts, details of traps and secrets.

Each section is full of details and anecdotes, accompanied by numerous illustrations.


Please note: Volume 1, dedicated to Link's quest, is also available as a standalone, in a simple version on ►this page◄

The Legend Of Zelda Fan Book Deluxe Box banner

The Legend Of Zelda Fan Book consists of 2 volumes:

- Volume 1 "Quest": It concerns the game itself. You will find the complete bestiary + the complete inventory + the complete solution of the first and second quest.

-Volume 2 "Treasures": it concerns everything that is derived from the game. You will find detailed articles on the Satellaview version of the game + the animated series + the tale + an encyclopedia on the derivative products (from the game guides to the manga, including figurines, board games, etc.).

Fan Book Zelda Deluxe Box Tome 1&2

These two volumes are in vertical format and are stored in an illustrated box in horizontal format. An original and aesthetic way to present the set in your collection for a nice effect in your Zelda display case. The box also contains several bonuses:

- 3 illustrations for the books and the box in 21 X 29.7cm format


- 3 original illustrations in 21 X 26 cm format
Fan Book Zelda DX content.png


2 illustrations featuring 2 vintage advertisements

The Legend Of Zelda Deluxe Box Vintage Illustrations


8 illustrations reinventing Ganon, Link and the game environment, in various styles.

The Legend Of Zelda Deluxe Box Bonus Artworks of Ganon, Link and Landscapes

 The Legend Of Zelda Fan Books Deluxe Box banner for the books

The Legend Of Zelda Fan Book Deluxe Box Vol.1 et Vol.2

Volume 1 contains 154 pages. 
Volume 2 contains 220 pages.

The two volumes of this Deluxe Box are in A5 format (15 X 21 cm). 
Each volume has a hard cover. 
The paper weight is 130 grams. 
The pages are 100% in color.
Many original illustrations, inspired by the world of Zelda and created especially for these books punctuate the pages.

Fan Book The Legend Of Zelda Deluxe Box sample pages

The Legend Of Zelda Fan Book Deluxe Box Banner

The box is made of cardboard with inner reinforcements on the bottom for aesthetics and strength. 
It opens from the top. 
A black border on the outside bottom contrasts with the illustration on the lid. 
The books can be easily removed from the box thanks to a small space provided for placing the fingers. This space is protected by a thin foam to prevent books from shifting and getting damaged.

Fan Book Zelda Deluxe Box boite ouverte

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Data sheet

5.90" X 8.27"
150 grams high-quality, full colors
Number of pages
154 + 222

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