Democyclopédie - The Encyclopedia of Atari ST Demos

For the first time in english, a book about Atari ST demos that focuses on the demos, as well as on the effects used in them!

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Whether you are an Atari ST fan or not, Democyclopedia - The Atari ST Demos Encyclopedia is a book you will appreciate.

Indeed, we propose you to travel in the unknown world of demoscene by an original way. Rather than talking about demos only, Sébastien Larnac, Alias ST Survivor (well known in the community since the 90's), takes the challenge of giving you a change of scenery by presenting the effects used in the works made on the famous computer.

This will be an opportunity for you to discover the most representative demos of this culture, but also to acquire a solid knowledge of the subject, without having to know anything about it beforehand. This will allow you to better appreciate the works mentioned and why not to become a fan in your turn.

Are you already familiar with demoscene? This book will be a good bedside book and will undoubtedly serve you as a reminder and reference to find your way around!


Democyclopedia - The Atari ST Demos Encyclopedia is in A4 format (21 X 29.7cm) with hard cover.

The illustration of the first cover is made by Sergio Cabanillas, a talented artist who has already made several book and game covers for Côté Gamers and other publishers.

The book is printed on high quality 130 grams paper, like all our other books.

Democyclopedia - The encyclopedia of Atari ST demos by Sébastien Larnac cover by sirelion

The Contents

The book is introduced by a preface from the not less famous José, Alias "Chuck" from the group Dune, whose game Toogle we recently published, still on Atari ST.

The content is spread over 240 pages, essentially consisting of two sections:

-the effects used in the demos, which presents to you in simple terms and without obligatory prior knowledge the technical effects visible in the creations of the demomakers. You will learn what Equalizers, Mad Circles or Raycasting are. This section is organized in alphabetical order, to simplify the reading, but each effect is discussed through representative demos.

-The "Coup de Coeur" section, which focuses on the author's 30 favorite demos, for their technical, aesthetic or historical aspects.

The whole is written in a close tone, the author addressing directly the reader to transmit his passion via visuals, a minimum of technique, a little history and outstanding references!

Finally, and because it is above all a book dealing with a particularly visual creative aspect, the whole is richly illustrated.

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All pages, 100% in color
A4 (21X29.7cm)
High quality, 130 grams
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