The first volume of our Shooter encyclopedia is offered in Deluxe version, in its box and with many bonuses.

A simple version is also available on ►this page◄

Attention: available in july 2024

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Shmup SNES books 364 pages on all the shooter of the Super Nintendo Super Nes

encyclopedia of video games SHMUP SNES bonus illustration

The games are detailed according to several themes

Boxes from all continents are exhibited, which allows to appreciate the styles of each edition.

Adaptations are mentioned, as well as games that may have the same title but are not related.

A simple code allows to instantly identify the title of the game in its Japanese, American or European version, its scrolling mode, its genre and its theme.

The introductions, characters, vehicles, intermediate scenes and options are detailed.

The gameplay and the realization of the title are extensively reviewed.

The differences between the versions and/or the original versions are explained.

Anecdotes punctuate the articles: translation errors, origin of a level, mistakes in the manuals...

The levels and their bosses are all covered

Each level is treated by going back over its playability, its difficulties, its graphic style

The Japanese and Western names are mentioned, as well as the cultural influences or points that inspired the creation of the level in question.

Each boss is shown and its behavior is detailed. All its evolutions are mentioned.

The bonuses and items are all catalogued

Each item or bonus and its variants are referenced and the effects of each are explained.

The secrets and the armament are widely revealed

How to reach secret areas or unlock secrets is explained.

Each weapon in the game, as well as all its evolutions, is mentioned with the Japanese and Western names and their power level and graphic representation.

Shmup Deluxe Box content, illustrations

In addition to the book, the box contains 2 illustrations in A4 size with the visuals of the box and the book. This will allow you to highlight the whole under glass for example.

15 Bonus illustrations will allow you to decorate in an original way your game showcase or your Gaming Room. Each of these illustrations has been specially created and reinvent a theme specific to shooters via a spaceship.

Shmup SNES 15 bonus illustrations

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Shmup SNES Hardcover book about Shooter Games Shmup

This book has over 360 pages in A4 size (with hard cover).

The paper is a quality paper of 130 grams.
The pages are 100% in color.

THE GAMES COVERED (original and translated titles):

Acrobat Mission
Aero Fighters
Area 88
Caravan shooting collection
Choplifter III
Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross
Cosmo Gang the video
Cotton 100%
Darius Force
Darius Twin
Dimension Force
Firepower 2000
Flying hero
Galaxy Wars
Gokujou parodius
Gradius III
Jikkyou oshaberi parodius
Kidou Soukou Dion
Kaite Tsukute Asoberu Dezaemon

KiKi KaiKai: Nazo no Kuro Manto
Kiki Kaikai : Tsukiyo Soushi
Märchen Adventure Cotton 100%
Nichibutsu arcade classics

Pocky and Rocky
Pocky and Rocky 2
Pop'n Twinbee
R-Type III
Raiden Densetsu
Raiden Trad
Rendering ranger R2 
Sonic Wings
Space Invaders
Space Megaforce
Spriggan Powered
Super Aleste
Super earth defense force
Super E.D.F
Super Nova
Super R-type
Super Strike Gunner
Super Swiv
Tekkaman Blade
The hunt for red october
Thunder Spirits
Uchu no kishi tekkaman blade
U.N Squadron



Apocalypse II
Bio worm
Fuzzy Shooting
Shoot Your Load

SHMUP SNES Deluxe Box sample page Pop'n Twin bee

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The box is made of cardboard with inner reinforcements on the bottom for aesthetics and strength.  
It opens from the top.  
A black border for the outside bottom contrasts with the illustration on the lid.  
The book can be easily removed from the box thanks to a small space provided to place the fingers.

LucasArts Deluxe Box 3D Box


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