Iceblox Plus Atari ST


Help your penguin collect all the gold coins in the 24 levels that make up the game. But beware, you'll have to avoid the ever-increasing flames that will keep chasing you!


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Strong of an undeniable success, Iceblox comes back in a physical edition on Atari ST. Compared to the version distributed online by the developer, the game now has 24 levels instead of 16 and benefits from 4 new environments (books, crates, wood and chocolate).

Our edition is a budget version, so you will find :

•A box with the format 16 X 11 X 2cm. This box is not printed. The visuals present on each side are high quality stickers.

Iceblox Plus Atari St box

•11 color postcards serving as a making-of. These postcards are bilingual French-English.

Iceblox Plus Atari ST notice Cartes postales

•A floppy disk and its label

Iceblox plus Atari ST disquette

•A bonus lithophany

Atari ST Iceblox Plus lithophan

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