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Discover Pengy, an unreleased game from Nostalgia Production.

In this puzzle game, help Pengy to get out of the maze of the horrible Phoque Iou!

Bilingual leaflet, 50 pages (25 in english), 10 X 15 cm, square spine glued, 100% in colors, printed on high quality 130gr paper.

Making-of included in the manual.




Members of our ColecoVision club get :

-an automatic 11€ discount on this game

-a dedicated bonus box

-a special card.

-5€ shipping only with tracking

Mr. Pengy went shopping on the ice floe to find Mrs. Pengy's lunch. But on the way back, he gets lost and, by accident after a long slide, finds himself trapped in the mysterious ice palace of the Evil Phoque Iou. Stuck in rooms filled with DoomHead, ScaryBear and psychopathic Eskimos, he has to manage to align three magic blocks to get out. But isn't it more dangerous to arrive late and upset Mrs. Pengy than to face the creatures of the Ice Palace? That is the question!

Pengy ColecoVision screen  Pengy ColecoVision screen 2

Pengy ColecoVision screen 3  Pengy ColecoVision screen 4

A quality edition

Pengy is offered in a high quality, four-color printed drawer box edition with internal foam wedges. The design is based on Knight'n More, Muncher Mouse, Bomb'n Blast 2 etc., which are popular with collectors.

Pengy ColecoVision box

A full color manual with making-of

This 50 pages manual (25 in French) is 100% full color and square back glued. Its 130gr paper is of high quality.

The making-of included comes back on the development of the game, an aspect that has been appreciated since our first editions.

Pengy ColecoVision Notice instructions manual cover

Pengyl ColecoVision instructions manual sample page 1

Pengy ColecoVision instructions manual sample page 2

1 Postcard

Our edition includes 1 autographed postcard which also serves as a certificate of authenticity.

Pengy certificat e of authenticity

Reserved for members of our club ColecoVision

A second box (identical visual), signed.

An additional card authenticating your special version of the ColecoVision club membership.

Pengy bonus card for the members of the club Colevovision

Non-final, non-contractual visuals.