Welcome to Toogle, a puzzle game where opposites clash until they combine to create harmony!

The game was made by Dune and Sector One, two groups of demomakers who made many demos on the Atari ST.

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TOOGLE is a puzzle game.

You will have to face 99 riddles, 99 challenges, each one more complex than the other. On a tangled game board you will use all your skills to succeed in putting back in its right place each piece of the puzzle in a limited number of moves.

4 different colored worlds will be your battlefield. Strategy and movement will be the keys.

Your goal: to redefine the harmony by flipping pieces. But be careful, when you flip a piece, the whole board is transformed, each of your moves allowing you to advance in your quest, or maybe to fail.

Colors are treacherous, and each of your interactions with the battlefield may affect what you've already built, forcing you to do or undo your thinking to plan ahead and succeed.

Every puzzle you solve will shape your skills. Every failure will feed your experience. Every victory is a step closer to balance, every defeat is a return to square one.

Your insight will be put to the test. Will you be able to face these 99 tests?

Our edition includes:

-a cardboard drawer box in 14X19cm format.

Toogle Atari ST boîte

•A disk and it's label.

Toogle Atari ST disquette

•A 70-pages bilingual English-French manual (32 pages in English) describing various aspects of the game and its development team.

Toogle Atari ST notice couverture

Toogle Atari ST instructions extrait notice 1Toogle Atari ST instructions extrait notice 2

Toogle Atari ST instructions extrait notice 3Toogle Atari ST instructions extrait notice 4

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