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Long ago, at the edge of time, the world was ruled by a race of warrior Vikings. All save one perished in a mighty battle to protect humanity from the forces of evil. Now only one fights on – the legendary NORSEMAN.

His final task – to defend the helmets of Power against the hordes of Hell.

Broadsword in hand, he fights his way along the Devil’s Causeway, ever watchful for the nameless fiends emerging from the depths of Hell itself.

Can he survive –will mankind be lost forever?

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ATTENTION: as part of our partnership with the SOA association, we offer you an exclusive bonus to complete this edition.

For 5€ more we will include in your box a second holographic sticker for your cartridge and a pvc card of 8,5 X 5,4cm signed on the back and specifying that your edition is complete to 101%.

Norseman Intellivision charity action special bonus card  Norseman Intellivision bonus holographic label for charity action

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NORSEMAN INTELLIVISION DELUXE EDITION: THE CONTENT (the budget version of the game is available ►on this page◄ )

Norseman Intellivision content of the deluxe edition, poster, 3D helmet, encyclopedic files, score

What are the specificities of the Intellivision version

This Intellivision version was created from scratch, and it is based on GST Video's original game which came out on the Videopac+ and MSX.All aspects of the game were revised: all the way from basic gameplay to the much improved original music by Anders Carlsson.

The Intellivision version has some new features compared to the MSX and Videopac versions:

- Battlefield clean-up routine: removes random enemy corpses between enemy waves. Corpses at the top 2 rows are always removed.

- New and different sound effects. 

- Messages at the bottom of the screen.

- Screen will shake when helmet is lost.

- Title screen with menu

- skill levels

- Sprites redrawn

What is Norseman about:

As a Viking warrior, it is your duty to guard a precious relic: a golden helmet with magical powers!
Unfortunately, the forces of evil are coming for it. Endless waves of bloodthirsty creatures are quickly converging to your position.
You have no choice but to prove your worth on the battlefield. If the helmet is taken then all will be lost! Protect it with your life!

  Norseman Intellivision Title screen 

Norseman Intellivision screenshot 1  Norseman Intellivision screenshot 2


The game comes in a high-quality 360-grams cardboard drawer box with foam wedges for the contents. The dimensions of this box are the same as for the Maria and Fantasy Puzzle boxes, which will allow you to store your collection of Côté Gamers games without disparity.

 Norseman Intellivision 3D Box


As always, our edition comes with a 24-page bilingual English - French booklet in 10X15 size, 100% in color, printed on 130 grams high-quality paper. This booklet serves as a notice and contains a making-of.

 Norseman Intellivision bilingual instructions manual


Côté Gamers innovates and offers you cartridges made by our care. They are 100% new and specific to our editions. A special helmet-shaped inlay personalizes the cartridge. Each cartridge comes with its own sticker.

Norseman Intellivision 3D printed cartridge with label

This Deluxe Edition comes with a double-sided poster (one side with the title and the other without) featuring the box art, size 18.5 X 29cm ( 7.08 X 11.41 inches)

Intellivision Norseman Poster deluxe edition

The box also contains a 3D replica of the golden helmet (49 x 21.5 x 24 mm) that you have to defend in game and that you will use for our next board game. This tabletop board game, based on the Intellivision universe, is scheduled for release in late 2022 - early 2023.

Norseman Intellivision 3D printed helmet

In addition, you will find 6 new encyclopedic files dedicated to Intellivision. These cards are part of our official collection of encyclopedic cards on video games.

Norseman Intellivision encyclopedic files deluxe version

Finally, Anders Carlsson joins Côté Gamers to offer you the game's score.

Norseman Intellivision music score musical sheet deluxe edition