Will archers, flames and other vicious traps curb your ardor?The beautiful Tiffany awaits you, held prisoner, alone, grieving, at the top of her dungeon. No one will come to save her! No one but you, perhaps, if you manage to overcome one by one all the obstacles that separate you from your love.You may be a hunchback on the outside, but you are a hero on the inside. Everyone needs to know that, especially Tiffany!

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ATTENTION: you can get a second alternative sticker by purchasing our Casimodo diorama ► see bottom of page.
Côté Gamers will refund you 2€ for the purchase of the game and the diorama at the same time. (refund through Paypal, maximum 48h after the purchase)

What is Casimodo?

Casimodo is a tribute to the famous Hunchback from Century Electronics, which has had several adaptations and sequels.

Jean-Philippe Méola allows ColecoVision fans to play as Casimodo, the hunchbacked hero of the game, in his quest to rescue Tiffany. But beware, each level is full of pitfalls and the beautiful girl herself will not let herself be saved by just anyone. Will you be able to express your love and become a true hero?

The Edition

The game comes in a high-quality 360-gram cardboard drawer box with foam wedges for the contents. The dimensions of this box are the same as for our other ColecoVision games, which will allow you to store your collection of Côté Gamers games without disparity.

Casimodo ColecoVision box

As always, our edition comes with a 42 pages bilingual English - French booklet in 10X15 format (21 pages for each language), 100% in color, printed on 130 grams high-quality paper. This booklet serves as an instruction manual and contains a making-of.

Casimodo ColecoVision instructions manual cover

Casimodo ColeocoVision instruction manual sample 1Casimodo ColeocoVision instructions manual sample 2

Casimodo ColeocoVision French manual extract 1Casimodo ColeocoVision instructions manual sample 3Casimodo ColeocoVision French manual extract 1Casimodo ColeocoVision instructions manual sample 4


This game exists in two versions: normal and Club CG.
The content of each game is identical.
The Club CG box contains free bonuses exclusive to our club members. A specific sticker indicates that the box is a club version.

PLEASE NOTE: the game is not free for the members of our club. All members who order Casimodo, will receive the special version instead of the normal version.

The exclusive contents are as follows:

A rampart, its ladder, a gallow and its bell, a duck as well as the casimodo character in scale to be placed on the rampart.
Attention, the elements are in 3D printing. The character is printed on a transparent support.
The rampart with its bell measures 5 X 8 cm.

Casimodo ColecoVision diorama elements 3DCasimodo ColecoVision character KOCasimodo ColecoVision 3D model scenery display character KO

These elements will allow you to highlight the game box by placing them in front of it for example.

Casimodo ColecoVision Box and wall diorama 3D model

What if you recreate scenes from your favorite games?

If you wish, you can also purchase additional elements, sold in boxes separately, to make up a complete 3D scene of the game.
The additional elements are available ►on this page

This concept is the first in a series we hope to develop. Eventually, we will produce elements for other games, depending on the demand.

Our goal is to create a collection dedicated to the most iconic ColecoVision games. Imagine your game room and your collection, highlighted by a few dioramas? Here Casimodo, there Donkey Kong, elsewhere Pitfall, etc. Because we know that you are like us: big kids!

Casimodo ColecoVision Diorama 3D club Côté Gamers


This diorama also contains an alternate label for the cartridge of the game :

Casimodo ColecoVision autocollant alternatif cartouche

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