Long Play Disc Controller

The first horizontal controller made by Côté Gamers for the Intellivision !

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Côté Gamers is pleased to present its Intellivision controller.

Specially designed to be held horizontally like the so-called "modern" controllers, it is also light and modular. You can indeed change its disc by a D-pad or a mini joystick.

Moreover, we have provided a left-handed version, with the disc on the right.

This controller is compatible with all Intellivision models  + Sear Video Arcade but requires an adapter for models 1 and 3, available here : Adapter

Using this controller does not prevent you from keeping the original controllers.


•The controller is compatible with Intellivision 2 and Sear Video Arcade.

•You can use it with Intellivision 1 and 3 with an adapter.

•This controller doesn't need any soldering. You just have to open your Intellivision with a screwdriver to place the controller tip receptacle.

•The controller is held horizontally.

•It is 3D printed.

•The controller comes mounted with a D-pad, but you can replace it with a disk, which is provided.

•The controller is delivered in a box with instructions and a making-of as we like to propose you usually.

•The size is roughly that of a hand, for a light but effective grip.

•The controller supports overlays. The overlay is not sliding out, it is retained by a holder.

•The top button(s) is the one at the bottom. The 2 others are right and left as on original controller.

•With the disc in place you’ll have the 16 directions, with DPad in place you are limited to 8 directions.

•The controller uses micro switches, no mylar (to be technical : 12 switches are used for the disc but there are also diodes involved to bring 2 signals down to GND for each switch. This is acting like the original mylar without the need for DPDT switches, DPDT switches were used in first drawings / prototypes.)

•The size and shape is same as Intellivision I controllers. The original design had the wire coming out at same position than INTV 1 also, that allowed to put them in the original spot. We’ve moved the cable due to reactions to our initial video and testers feedback.

•Each controller comes with a « Dual Action » extension. You need to remove the dongle seen on the picture and connect a cable that also connects to the second port on the console.

The packaging contains :

-a high-quality 360-grams cardboard drawer box with foam wedges for the contents. The dimensions of this box are the same as for the Maria, Fantasy Puzzle and Norseman boxes, which will allow you to store your collection of Côté Gamers games without disparity.

Intellivision Long Play Disc Controller Box boite

-60 pages bilingual English - French booklet in 10X15 size, 100% in color, printed on 130 grams high-quality paper. This booklet contains a making-of.

https://cotegamers.com/shop/img/cms/Long play disc controller/Intellivision Long Play Disc Controller instruction manual notice extrait  sample 1

https://cotegamers.com/shop/img/cms/Long play disc controller/Manette Intellivision instruction manual sample 2.jpg

-1 controller

Intellivision Long Play Disc Controller manette D-pad

-the D-pad + the circle + the joystick

Intellivision Long Play Disc Controller Mini Joystick