ATTENTION : We've taken great care in producing this edition, but our aim is not to reproduce an exact replica of a vintage commercial edition. Dimensions and details are specific to Côté Gamers.

Discover at the same time our packs of encyclopedic files on the vectrex:

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Nuka Bomb

Nuclear war is no longer a threat, it's a reality, and bombs are raining down on your favorite Megapolis!

Fortunately, the high command has equipped you with a weapon as unconventional as it is effective in saving the population: the Vecto Cannon!

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Vectral Vectrex Nuka Bomb capture d'écran

Wireout-RE 2X

Wireout-RE 2X is an Antigrav ship race. This is an improved version of Wireout-RE, a game that is no longer produced. The opportunity to enjoy this race in a revitalized and enriched version!

Wireout-RE 2X can be played with the joystick. Don't forget to destroy your rivals with missiles!

Vectrex Vectral Wireout-RE 2X screenshot


A beautiful bear has decided to dance on the highest shelf in the house, much to her daddy's despair. Everything from honey jars to grandma's Vectrex! Help Papa Bear limit the damage by grabbing as many objects as you can, but be careful not to hurt yourself!
Players can take on the role of Honey and her daddy, and swap roles throughout the game!

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Vectral Vectrex Honey capture d'écran


The game comes in a high-quality 360-gram cardboard drawer box with foam wedges for the contents. The dimensions of this box are the same as those of the MSX, ColecoVision and Intellivision game boxes, allowing you to store your collection of Côté Gamers games without disparity.

2 boxes are available: the American version and the European version. The contents are identical, only the visuals change.

You can choose one or the other, or even both in the case of multiple purchases, by specifying your choice when adding to the basket.

Vectral Vectrex compilation wireout honey nuka bomb european boxVectral Vectrex compilation wireout honey nuka bomb amercan box


The cartridge sticker varies according to the version chosen.

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As always, our edition comes with a 24-page, 10X15 format, 100% full-color, bilingual French-English booklet printed on high-quality 130-gram paper. The booklet serves as an instruction manual and contains a making-of feature.

Vectral Vectrex Honey Nuka Bomb Wireout re 2x notice couverture

Vectral Vectrex Instructions notice et Making of extrait


Discover at the same time our packs of encyclopedic files on the vectrex:

In addition, you'll find 8 new encyclopedia cards dedicated to the vectrex. These double-sided 10X15cm cards are part of our official collection of video game encyclopedia cards, but are reserved for this edition. They will never be sold separately.

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