Norseman 2 Budget version

Long ago, your father served Odin well by defending the Helmet of Power against the hordes of Hell.
Now your father is in Valhalla, and it is your turn to answer Odin's call and rise up against evil once again.
Protect the helmet at all costs and prove your worth! Odin is watching you!

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What are the differences compared to Norseman 1?

This Intellivision version was created from scratch, it is a direct continuation of Norseman and at the same time a kind of remake that improves the concept of the original game.

Many new features are implemented:

-The player must now complete missions to change levels.

-Stores appear and allow the player to buy weapons to improve the defense and the attack of the Viking.

-Equipment is damaged and must be repaired.

-Money must be collected to buy and repair equipment.

-Special powers can be obtained, each of which allows you to survive longer in the hordes of new creatures that populate the levels.

-The environment changes throughout the levels.

-Many new sprites have been created especially for this sequel.

What does Norseman 2 consist of? 

Norseman 2 is a game in which you must reach the highest score. You are a Viking who must protect a magical helmet. Hordes of creatures are trying to take it, if they succeed it's game over.

To accomplish your task, you can move around with the helmet or leave it in place and prevent anyone from getting near it. Maybe you'd rather go out and meet the enemies and eradicate them quickly?

You'll need weapons and protection and of course gold!

Odin will regularly assign you a mission. Complete it and you'll become more powerful, but you'll also be confronted with tougher and more relentless creatures!
Norseman 2 Intellivision captures d'écran


This budget edition contains the essentials to play and store your game

•The game is delivered in a 11 X 16cm box. A 10 X 15cm sticker is glued on the top of the box. The edges are also decorated with a sticker.

Norseman 2 Intellivision boîte budget

•2 folded A4 sheets serve as instructions.

Be careful, these sheets are 130 grams. They are therefore much thinner than the postcards provided in our previous budget versions, but here you get the full instructions of the Deluxe version.

Norseman 2 Intellivision édition budget notice

•1 overlay (different from the Deluxe version)

Intellivision Norseman 2 budget edition overlay vinking

•Côté Gamers innovates and offers you cartridges made by our care. They are 100% new and specific to our editions. A particular inlay in the shape of a helmet personalizes the cartridge.

Norseman Intellivision cartouche en print 3D

•This cartridge does not have a unique sticker. You will receive one of the following labels:

Norseman 2 Intellivision deluxe edition stickers

•Is the game worth buying if I already have Norseman?

Both games work on the same principle, but Norseman 2 has many new features. The gameplay is completely redesigned and the adventure is much more varied and dynamic.

•Why is the game more expensive than Norseman 1?

The cartridge produced is of better quality, more robust and with an improved finish. The game also cost more to produce. Finally, the cost of paper and cardboard has increased, which leads to higher production costs for boxes and booklets.

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