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Crazy Chicky Junior has already been published by 8 Bit Milli games: Version of 8 Bit Milli

However, Côté Gamers is publishing a special version, in special packaging.

Mother Hen used to protect the henhouse from nasty foxes, now it's Junior's turn, but things aren't the same as they were back then. The henhouse is bigger, the Funky Foxes are smarter and their tricks are more devilish!

8 mazes, 32 levels, 3 difficulties!

What are the special features of the Côté Gamers version?

This version offers identical gameplay in every aspect, with only the contents of the edition changing:

-a 14X19 cm Côté Gamers box. This box is identical to the other games we've published on ColecoVision, so you can keep it in your collection.

-a new illustration for the box.

a 3D-printed cartridge created in collaboration with Caleb Garner.

-a new sticker for the cartridge

-a mini poster with the illustration used on the box on one side, which you can display in your gaming room for example, and the game instructions on the other. As the original game has only a few instructions, we didn't feel it would be useful to offer a classic manual, which would have increased the selling price of the set.

What is Crazy Chicky Junior? 

You're a chick and you lay eggs (don't worry, you didn't read that wrong!). In this variation on the famous Pac Man game, you don't have to collect Bubble-Gum, but lay eggs absolutely everywhere. Mazes represent your chicken coops. Ghosts are replaced by greedy foxes, just waiting to munch on you.

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The game comes in a high-quality 360-gram cardboard drawer box with foam wedges for the contents. The dimensions of this box are the same as those of our other ColecoVision games, allowing you to store your collection of Côté Gamers games without disparity.

Crazy Chicky Junior ColecoVision box

The game does not come with instructions in the form of a booklet. However, the necessary instructions are given on the back of a mini poster featuring the illustration used on the box.

Crazy Chicky Junior ColecoVision poster and instructions manual

The cartridge used for this game is 3D printed. It comes with its own special sticker.

Crazy Chicky Junior ColecoVision  cartridge and label
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