Rick Dynamite Intellivision

This game is initially limited to 30 copies.

Release : early october 2023.
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Côté Gamers offers you a special version of Rick Dynamite, in special packaging limited to 20 copies.

The year is 1945, and secret agent Rick Dynamite is on a mission to fight evil around the world. Armed with dynamite, a pistol and a big stick, he must battle hostile enemies and foil diabolical traps. Rick's first stop is South America, in search of the lost Goolu tribe deep in the Amazon rainforest. He then travels to the pyramids of Egypt in search of Ankel's jewel, and visits Schwarzendumpf Castle to free Allied prisoners held by the Nazis. Rick's final mission is to infiltrate a secret missile base and destroy the rockets before the Nazis launch an attack on London.

What are the special features of the Côté Gamers version?

This version offers a game identical in every aspect to the version developed by Homebrew INC, with only the contents of the edition changing and featuring:

-a 14x19 cm Côté Gamers box. This box is identical to the other games we've published on Intellivision, so you can keep it in your collection.

-a new illustration for the box.

a 3D-printed cartridge created in collaboration with Caleb Garner

-a new sticker for the cartridge

-two mini posters.
One displays the illustration used on the box with the title, the other the same illustration without the title. You could display this poster in your gaming room, for example.
The second displays the game instructions on the front. As the original game has only a few instructions, we didn't think it would be useful to offer a classic manual, which would have increased the selling price of the set. The reverse side features the illustration used for the overlays.

What is Rick Dangerous? 

You control an adventurer in four distinct environments. Your goal is to progress through a myriad of traps and enemies, not forgetting to collect all the treasures along the way to maximize your score.

Rick Dynamite Intellivision screenshots

•The game comes in a high-quality 360-gram cardboard drawer box with foam wedges for the contents. The dimensions of this box are the same as those of our other Intellivision games, allowing you to store your collection of Côté Gamers games without disparity.

RunawayTrain ColecoVision box

•The game does not come with instructions in the form of a booklet. However, the necessary instructions can be found on the back of one of the two mini posters provided.

Rick Dynamite Intellivision poster and manual

•The cartridge used for this game is produced by 3D printing. It comes with its own special sticker.

Rick Dangerous Intellivision cartridge

•This cartridge does not have a unique sticker. You will receive one of the following stickers:

Rick Dangerous Intellivision cartrige's label

2 overlays are included:

Rick Dynamite Intellivision overlays

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