Desolator - Wormhole - New Cluck City Special Edition

For the first time at Côté Gamers, find a compilation of 3 games for ColecoVision exclusive to Côté Gamers and reserved for our club members.

You can only buy the compilation if you are a member of our club. Anyone purchasing the game without being a member of our club will have their order cancelled.

You can reserve several games.

Please note that this game is the last to be published in this type of box, and is limited to 24 copies. We'll never reproduce it, so don't miss your one and only chance to get your hands on it. First come, first served!



1•We can ship this game via DHL or TNT. These carriers are not listed in our store. If you require delivery via either of these, please contact us before purchasing and we will send you a Paypal invoice.
Note that these carriers are more expensive than our standard carriers.

et us know in the comments to your payment if you'd like the sticker to bear a particular name. If you don't, the sticker will bear the name of the person who placed the order.

3• Shipments on June 15, 2024

Désolator Wormhole Crazy Chicky Junior New Cluck City Colecovision box content

System Requirements:

This game requires additional memory that is found in a ColecoVision equipped with a RAMBOard or Super Game Module. You may also use a CollectorVision Phoenix or a Coleco Adam to play this game. To fully experience the sound in this game you will need either a Super Game Module or compatible sound enhancement.

Scenarios :


"Lone Wolf", a cry to chill the black blood of the Gargoan forces. As a member of this most elite fighting force your mission is as follows...

To seek out and destroy as many enemy ships as you can find, to cause havoc and above all, never to die alone - takes as many of the enemies with you as possible! In order to achieve this feat, you are equipped with the very latest hunter-killer crafts, the SEEKER II. A fast maneuverable ship, with the latest rapid fire photon cannon, force shields, long distance scanner and a DESOLATOR.


In the 23rd century, man discovered the first wormhole enabling instantaneous movement from one point in space to another. Unfortunately, others had discovered it before him... Your mission is to pilot the E.S.S Killdall, a state-of-the-art spaceship, through the newly discovered wormholes and see where they lead. The Killdall is an intelligent spaceship that, given enough time, can repair itself if damaged. It is armed with a forward-facing gigawatt laser and a smart bomb launcher. The smart bombs only work when the Killdall is undamaged. Once damaged, it can only fire lasers, so do your best not to take any damage. Due to the properties of wormholes, your weapons have a limited range. Each wormhole is protected by berserker cannons, the origin of which is unknown. Once inside the wormhole, you'll encounter aliens who also covet its power. Beware of aliens ganging up on you!

New Cluck City

Get ready for an adrenalin-filled adventure in New Cluck City, where only Crazy Chicky Junior can save all the adorable children from the clutches of the evil foxes. Maurice, Fred, Bob and Frank want to wreak havoc, but our hero is there to stop their evil plans! New Cluck City is the first game to offer true voice synthesis on ColecoVision and Coleco Adam, thanks to the Adam Speech Synthesizer.

What are the special features of the Côté Gamers version?

This version offers identical gameplay in every respect, with only the contents of the edition changing and featuring

-a 14X19 cm Côté Gamers box. This box is identical to the other games we've published on ColecoVision, so you can keep it in your collection. The box illustration features various elements from the three games contained in the box.

Desolator Wormhole Crazy chicky junior new cluck city Colecovision Box

-an 18 X 24 CM double-sided poster, featuring the box illustration with and without the title. For display in your gaming room.

Desolator Wormhole Crazy Chicky JR New Cluck City ColecoVision paster illustration artwork

-3 3D-printed cartridges created in collaboration with Caleb Garner. Each cartridge features a variation of the sticker.

Crazy Chicky Junior New Cluck City ColecoVision cartridges shells

-a 22-page English manual. This manual contains game instructions for each of the three cartridges.

Desolator Wormhole Crazy Chicky Junior New Cluck City ColecoVision instruction manual

Desolator Wormhole Crazy Chicky JR New Cluck City ColecoVision Instruction Manual

-4 GOLD Encyclopedia cards dedicated to ColecoVision. These cards are a continuation of the cards already offered with certain games or to ColecoVision club members, but these are GOLD editions. These cards are distributed on certain occasions or with certain versions of books or games. The 4 cards offered here will never be reissued, and will remain exclusive to this edition.

Desolator Wormhole Crazy Chicky Junior New Cluck City ColecoVision encyclopaedic cards

-A name sticker, affixed to the back of the game box. This sticker is also numbered. Numbers are allocated to purchasers in order of arrival. First buyers get the lowest numbers. Your copy is therefore unique.

Desolator Wormhole New Cluck City ColecoVision name sticker
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