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Dive into the ultimate adventure with "The Epic of Eadric".

Are you ready to forge your own legend?

Available at the end of March


In a realm shadowed by the Mad King's cursed castle, Eadric, a valiant adventurer, embarks on a perilous quest for mystical treasures. Within the labyrinthine ruins, he faces spectral guards, deciphers ancient riddles, and confronts his haunting past. Guided by a wise mage's counsel and driven by a deeper purpose, Eadric unravels the tragic truth behind the king's madness. In a heart-stopping climax, he decides the fate of the realm, using the treasures to heal the land's deep scars. Eadric's journey is one of courage, redemption, and the indomitable spirit to forge light from darkness.

Relics of the mad king Videopac Odyssey 2 screenshots

Our BIG BOX edition is a collector's edition! You'll have the pleasure of discovering :

A 13 X 19 X 4.5cm box.

This box is part of our new Premium collection. The cardboard weight has been increased, and the box is printed on all sides. The outer band frames a plastic box.

Relics of the mad king Videopac Odyssey 2 box

The game on cartridge + sticker.

Please note that the cartridge is a 3D printing creation by Côté Gamers. It is not a perfect replica of the original cartridges.

Relics of the mad kingt Videopac Odyssey 2 cartridge

A trilingual English, Portuguese and Netherlandish full-color manual featuring a making-of.

As usual with Côté Gamers and our standard editions, the making-of looks back at the genesis of the game, its inspiration and development process.

     Relics videopac notice instruction manual making-of cover

•2 posters of the illustrations used for the box and the instructions.

These posters are double-sided, one with the title, the other without. So you can display the illustration at your convenience in your gaming room.

Relics of the mad king Relics of the mad king poster artwork box
  Videopac Odysey 2Relics of the mad king  poster artwork of the instruction manual

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Data sheet

100% in colors on high quality paper (130gr) with making-of
14 X19 X4 cm high quality cardboard box with foam protections
6 encyclopedic files + a dedicated postcard

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