Phenix Corrupta MSX Préorder


Welcome to the hell of Phenix Corrupta!

This game is part of our "Premium" range, which has a few differences from our standard MSX editions:

-Thicker cardboard
-Plastic box under the sleeve
-12 x 18 cm manual
-Presence of a poster

Availability: very end of March 2024


The game runs on MSX2 or higher with at least 64 kB RAM and 128 kB VRAM.

Game music requires MSX Music (FM-PAC).


Caroline Phenix
April 1931 - August 1958

She was a charming pastry chef who unfortunately found herself condemned to the depths of hell.

But why is she here? How did she die?

Is she really dead? Will she ever see the light of day again?

Explore Phenix Corrupta and find out!

  Phoenix Corrupta screenshots


-A drawer box.

Please note that this is the first MSX title in our premium edition. Dimensions are slightly different from our previous boxes.

The set consists of a printed sleeve, inside which is a transparent plastic box with its own lid.

The cardboard of the sleeve is thicker than on our previous boxes.

The plastic box is lined with foam protectors.

Phoenix Corrupta MSX2 box

-The cartridge

Phoenix Corrupta MSX2 Cartridge shell and label

-A 24-pages English - Spanish manual.

Phoneix Corrupta MSX MSX2 instruction manual

-A double-sided mini poster with the illustration used for the box on one side and the game map on the other (which we won't reveal here to keep the suspense alive!).

Phoenix Corrupta Mini poster MSX MSX2

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