Metal Slug - Replay Vol.1

This page describes the French version
Soon available in English in collector's version

This first volume of the Replay collection revisits one of the greatest sagas of the Neo-Geo : Metal Slug.

This collection aims to introduce you to a series of games or a genre, or even a theme.

If the fanbooks are intended for all fans who wish to have a complete work on a title (or even two, with bestiary, inventory, derivatives, solutions, etc.), the Replay collection relates a series or a single title.

More subjective than the Fan Books, but also more oriented towards an overview, the Replay collection is the perfect work for the curious or the nostalgic who wish to rediscover their favorite titles in a complete and general way, without falling into specialization.
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ATTENTION: the images on the cover correspond to the French version only. The English and Spanish versions will benefit from a Collector's version.

Unlike Fan Books, the Replay collection focuses on series and not on one or two games, thus allowing everyone to have a complete overview of a saga.

This collection focuses on the games themselves and therefore replaces the solutions and detailed presentation of spin-offs that Fan Books can offer with a look at the genesis of the games, their content and their chronology.

The set is profusely illustrated.

The author: Vianney Carvalho, known under the pseudonym Arthelius, is mainly known for his role as editor-in-chief of the magazine "Jeu de Société" and for his work as an illustrator, in particular on various board games. Passionate about the Metal Slug saga, he began writing this book many years ago, determined to offer the best possible concentrate of information on the subject. 2019 was the year of consecration!

Contents: As the table of contents shows, the collection of replays will make you an expert on tanks, UFOs, dictators, zombies and mercenaries. Throughout the book's 154 pages, you'll get a clear picture of the genesis of Metal Slug and the companies behind the many and varied episodes of this eclectic saga.

Each main episode is detailed through its scenario, its gameplay system and its particularities. Episodes for cell phones or even pachinko are not left out and are described in such a way that there are almost no gray areas in relation to the games the series has created.

Sprite fans will be delighted to find entire pages devoted to the various characters, transformations and enemies of the saga. Note, however, that this collection is not intended to replace an art book or an encyclopedia - it is above all about the pleasure of discovering or rediscovering what made the great hours of Run & Guns!

Metal Slug - Replay Vol.1 - summary

Replay Vol.1 - Metal Slug - The origins of Metal Slug

Replay Vol.1 - Metal Slug the series

Replay Vol.1 - Metal Slug - the secrets of the developers

Replay Vol.1 - Metal Slug - the companies behind Metal Slug

Replay Vol.1 - Metal Slug first mission and side episodes

Replay Vol.1 - Metal Slug - vehicles and weapons

Replay Vol.1 - Metal Slug - chronology

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