Don't miss the chance to add to your collection one of the last DOS games packed in box !

Ratillery is a game for 1 or 2 players and it runs on near every old DOS PC !

ATTENTION : the game is also available in digital format on https://raphnet.itch.io/ratillery-full-version


Please note : game available in April 2020.


Buy Ratillery + our OST of Alice Dreams Tournament (the original and official sound-track of the Dreamcast game) and save 2€/2.16US$ ont the OST.
There is no additional  shipping fees for the OST !

Ratillery Game for DOS, CGA and PC-speaker demo

Ratillery, DOS game, Tandy demo

Ratillery, DOS game, VGA demo

Ratillery, DOS game, VGA 256 Adlib demo


Ratillery title

Do you like cheese ? Ratillery for DOS like it !

Ratillery DOS game

Ratillery box and bonuses

Ratillery content and bonuses

Ratillery floppy disk

Ratillery postcards

Ratillery, the plot for DOS

Ratillery for DOS PC

Ratillery scrrenshot about the plot

Ratilleyr : a DOS game without mercy

Ratillery IBM PC DOS game

Ratillery game modes

Ratillery by Côté Gamers for DOSRatillery  DOS options

DOS game : Ratillery

Ratillery DOS challenges

Ratillery for DOS screen modes

Ratillery DOS screenshots

Ratillery sound device

Ratillery additional informations

►PLEASE NOTE : the downloadable version contains a 360k floppy image too!

Ratillery more informations

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11X16cm / 4.33X6.29inches
Yes , postcards size
Yes, high quality with labels for the front and the back