Fantasy Puzzle Deluxe Edition BIG BOX


Maria comes back for a new adventure! Continue your exploration of the labyrinthine depths leading to hell by playing a puzzle game this time!


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Fantasy Puzzle Intellivision packaging

Fantasy Puzzle Intellivision bonus mysterious poster

Fantasy Puzzle is an original puzzle game that requires you to eliminate colored blocks by grouping them in sets of 6 in the way of the famous Puyo Puyo.

The game offers 4 game modes:

-Free To Play allows you to try to beat your score over and over again.

-Timed adds a stopwatch to the Free To Play mode and will increase your stress!

-Maria takes you through an underground floor by floor. You will have to face a particular creature in each one of them.

-Puzzler is, as its name suggests, a mode dedicated to reflection. You'll have to eliminate every piece of each puzzle!

Fantazy Puzzle game modes  Fantazy Puzzle difficulty modes

Fantazy Puzzle game screen  Fantazy Puzzle Maria mode

Our BIG BOX edition is a collector's edition! You will have the pleasure to discover :

•A 14 X 19 X 4cm box, numbered with internal foam protections.

•Bonus: a spare cover for the box ((in case the first one is damaged).

Fantasy Puzzle deluxe box

•a cartridge and its label.

Fantasy Puzzle Cartridge and label

•Booklet of 82 full-color pages! As usual with our Standard or Deluxe editions, this booklet is in 10 X15cm format, 100% full color and printed on high quality 130 grams paper. The spine is square glued, so it is not a stapled low-end or mid-range edition.

In the program :



-Bonus: back to puzzle games on Intellivision. Take this opportunity to improve your knowledge of Intellivision games or video games in general. Whether you're a fan of the genre, a fan of the console or simply curious, you'll enjoy our bonus pages!

Fantasy Puzzle Manual notice

fantasy puzzle extrait notice, manual sample

•6 sheets from our video game encyclopedia. These special cards will never be reproduced and will remain exclusive to Fantasy Puzzle. Côté Gamers' general encyclopedia of video games consists of packs of 40 cards, in 10 X15cm format, each of them focusing on a game, a character, an object, a place, a company, a machine or a person related to video games. There is already a PC Engine pack, 6 Colecovision cards and 6 LucasArts cards.

Fiches encyclopédie intellivision - intellivision encyclopedic files

•3 overlays for the controller.

Fantasy Puzzle Intellivision Overlays

•A postcard that also serves as a certificate of authenticity.

Fantasy Puzzle Intellivision carte postale


Data sheet


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