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Muncher Mouse - Reprint



Physical edition in a high quality slipcase with foam protections.

Bilingual manual, 46 pages, 10 X 15 CM, perfect binding, high quality paper 130gr, full colors.

Making of the game included in the manual.

WARNING : this reissue will be available in the first half of November 2021.

WARNING 2: this reissue does not offer a bonus postcard anymore.

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You are a mouse !

You are not lucky ! Not only are you born as mouse but you also lost your chance to become a movie star, as did your cousines Speedy and Jerry!

To survive, you became a robber and started to raid all the kitchens of the neighbourhood. Your goal : to eat everything you can, in anticipation of shortage.

Unfortunately, the anti-mouse squad, composed of cats from your town, is watching and will not let a rodent compromise their quiet contentment before the warm fireplace!

Will you be able to fill your belly? Will you end up as a meal for some predators? Take your fate into your own hands!

A modern Maze Game for your ColecoVision

Muncher Mouse is a maze game, or as everybody calls it : a Pac-Man-like

Your goal : eat all the fruits, vegetables and ice creams you can find in a level while avoiding any cats you can see.

The timer is you ennemy!

As it was not enough, to reach the precious food, you have to pick up keys, the only way to open the pantries.

But beware! each time you eat something, you become fatter. You'll soon not be able to move through the maze. Then you'll have to...how to say...empty, by natural ways. Use the moving toilets !

An edition of quality

Muncher Mouse comes in a quality slipcase, 14 X 19 X 4 CM, printed, full colors, with foam protection.

Its manual, 10 X 15 CM, perfect binding, offers english and french instructions and manual on 46 pages, full colors, on high quality paper 130 gr.

Muncher Mouse Colecovision Manual-Making-of

Muncher Mouse Colecovision from Côté Gamers

Muncher Mouse ColecoVision from Côté Gamers.

You can download the manual in pdf version on this page: English instructions

Data sheet

46 pages, perfect binding, high quality paper 130gr
High quality printed box with slipcase, full color.
personalized postcard
Yes, included in the instruction.

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