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Do you like science fiction? Do you like MSX?  S.O.L.O. will satisfy both your passions!

Côté Gamers continues its collaboration with the very talented Angel Colaso to offer you a cartridge edition of this title that came 2nd at MSXDev 2021.

MSX fans enjoyed our previous edition (LA Reliquia), we are using the BIG BOX format again for this cartridge edition.

Attention: game in reprint, available in October 2023


The game does not work on VG8020-19

Certified to work on :
-Canon V20
-Sony HB75F
-Philips VG8020-00 avec VDP F18A
-Philips NMS8245
-Philips NMS8235

Needs 32Ko of ram.

S.O.L.O. is an MSX game published in cartridge version.

Humans have abandoned the planet Tartessos for 100 years, which they had previously colonized with many robots to extract a substance called Ether.

Since then, ETHER has corrupted the electronic circuits of the robots. You play as S.O.L.O (Slot One, Level One), a droid who has not yet been affected by ETHER and who must fight against his robotic brothers to avoid a catastrophe.

You will have to fight against many creatures in a vast universe full of puzzles.  Your droid can move, jump, crouch, but also and above all get upgrades to progress. Still, you will have to reach them!

S.O.L.O SOLO MSX Roolando Angel Colaso screenshot 1  S.O.L.O SOLO MSX Roolando Angel Colaso screenshot 2

S.O.L.O SOLO MSX Roolando Angel Colaso screenshot 3  S.O.L.O SOLO MSX Roolando Angel Colaso screenshot

Our edition includes :

-A cardboard drawer box printed in four colors with internal foam wedges. In BIG BOX format, this box measures 19 X14 X 4cm.

Box for Solo on MSX

•The game on cartridge + its sticker.

S.O.L.O cartridge MSX Roolandoo

•A stapled, full-color, 18-page manual, 4 pages for English, 4 pages for Spanish. The 170 grams paper is of high quality.

S.O.L.O SOLO MSX instruction manual spanish sample 1S.O.L.O SOLO MSX instructions manual spanish sample 2

S.O.L.O SOLO MSX instructions manual sample 1S.O.L.O SOLO MSX instructions manual sample 2


We offer you 15 postcards with MSX cult games on both sides

S.O.L.O SOLO MSX free postcards about cult MSX games

53 Items

Data sheet

18 pages, full colors, French-English-Spanish
High Quality slipcase big box 14 X 19 X 4cm

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