Sacred Valley MSX

Sacred Valley presents a character who enters a forest full of dangers. His objective: to get out alive.
The original graphics of this title give it a very special atmosphere. Its music will captivate you and make you travel through an almost mystical adventure.

ATTENTION: if you have already purchased SAK (stab and kill) a few days before buying this game, we will refund the shipping costs of Sacred Valley. Place your order normally. You don't have to make any request, the refund will be automatic within 24 hours.
We'll ship SAK + Sacred Valley in the same parcel, you'll then receive SAK in june.

The game does not work on VG8020-19

Certified functional on :
-Canon V20
-Sony HB75F
-Philips VG8020-00 avec VDP F18A
-Philips NMS8245
-Philips NMS8235

Requires 32Kb of ram.

My name is Sayri and I am the brother of the king. The queen and the general have committed high treason. My king and I have been thrown into the sacred valley. I feel bruised, nothing serious, but the king is dead. It wasn't the blows that opened his entrails before precipitating it. They wanted to be sure he didn't get out alive. Tradition can no longer be fulfilled.

Your mission is to get out of the Sacred Valley alive. You can move through the valley and enter the caves. Some of them will contain valuable items.
During the game you will find some caves that contain magical gems that will enhance your skills.
You will meet dangerous beasts and creatures. You will also find others, white, more friendly.

Our edition includes:

•A cardboard drawer box printed in four colors with internal foam wedges. In BIG BOX format, this box measures 19 X14 X 4cm. This box is identical to all those of our MSX catalog, so you can store it in your collection "made by Côté Gamers".

Sacred Valley MSX box

•The game on cartridge + its sticker.

Sacred Valley cartridge MSX cassette

•A 28-pages full-color French-English-Spanish manual, including 7 pages in english.

Sacred valley instruction manual

Sacred Valley MSX instructions manual

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