L'Abbaye des morts

Welcome to L'Abbaye des morts, an adventure and platform game in which you will have to explore all the nooks and crannies of the subway passages hidden in a gloomy church.

Product available on order - allow 20 to 30 days for delivery.


Your character must explore an abbey and retrieve specific artifacts to defeat the evil that lurks beneath the abbey. You'll have to find your way through many rooms, open doors and closed passages, avoid various enemies and use a lot of thinking to get out alive!


L'abbaye des morts MSX capture d'écran 1  L'abbaye des morts MSX capture d'écran 2  L'abbaye des morts MSX capture d'écran 3  L'abbaye des morts MSX capture d'écran 


Our edition includes:

•A cardboard drawer box. This box measures 19 X14 X 4cm.

Buyers of our previous MSX games will be able to put this title in their collection, as the box is identical to our previous editions.

Pitman 2 MSX boîte

The game on cartridge + its sticker.

L'abbaye des morts MSX cartouche et sticker

A full-color manual in French, English and Spanish.

Labbaye des morts MSX notice 3D

Data sheet

16 pages in color and in Spanish, English and French, on high quality 130 gr. paper.
High quality cardboard drawer box, full color

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