La Reliquia


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Discover La Reliquia, a game that will put your reflexes and your precision to the test!

For its first game on MSX, Côté Gamers is proud to partner with Angel Colaso to offer you a cartridge edition.

Although La Reliquia is our first MSX game, we are already well known to ColecoVision and Intellivision fans, since we have published several times on these two supports, as well as on Mega Drive/Genesis, Atari ST, DOS etc. Take advantage of our BIG BOX editions.

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This product is out of stock but available upon request - allow 20 to 30 days for delivery. This delay is necessary to allow us to print and manufacture the various elements.

The game does not work on VG8020-19

Certified to work on :
-Canon V20
-Sony HB75F
-Philips VG8020-00 avec VDP F18A
-Philips NMS8245
-Philips NMS8235

Needs 32Ko of ram.

The Relic is an MSX game published in cartridge version.

You are a member of a religious community. After a long journey to the Holy Land, you return to your monastery of Saint Camilo to find that it is overrun by unholy creatures and all your brothers have disappeared! There is no doubt that the sacred relic protected by your order has been stolen.

You will have to face numerous creatures through 39 screens, each more devious than the last. Your character is peaceful and you can only rely on your jumps to progress. Will you be up to the challenge?

Our edition includes:

•A cardboard box with slipcase printed in four colors with internal foam wedges. In BIG BOX format, this box measures 19 X14 X 4cm.

Reliquia's 3D box on MSX

•-The game on cartridge + its sticker.

La Reliquia cartridge MSX

•A full color manual of 18 pages, including 4 in english and 4 in espagnol.

La reliquia manuel notice extrait 1La reliquia manuel notice extrait 2

La reliquia manuel notice extrait 3La reliquia manuel notice extrait 4

Data sheet

18 pages, full colors, French-English-Spanish
High Quality slipcase big box 14 X 19 X 4cm

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