Pitman 2 MSX

Inspired by Boulder Dash, Pitman requires you to collect all the diamonds in a level to move on to the next.

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Your character can climb ladders and push blocks. Armed with these two abilities alone, he must collect all the diamonds present in each of the 100 levels that make up the game. Beware, if he falls into a hole or gets crushed by a block, he loses a life!

You will need to think and be patient to solve the puzzles concocted for the occasion.


Pitman 2 MSX screenshot 1  Pitman 2 MSX screenshot 2  Pitman 2 MSX screenshot 3  Pitman 2 MSX screenshot 4 


Our edition includes:

•A cardboard drawer box. This box measures 19 X14 X 4cm.

Buyers of our previous MSX games will be able to keep this title in their collection, as the box is identical to our previous editions.

Pitman 2 MSX box

The game on cartridge + its sticker.

Pitman 2 Cartridge and label

A full-color manual in French, English and Spanish.

Cover of the Pitman 2 instruction manual for MSX

20 Items

Data sheet

16 pages in color and in Spanish, English and French, on high quality 130 gr. paper.
High quality cardboard drawer box, full color

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