The 4 Masters of Melody EX

"The 4 Masters of Melody" is a puzzle game for MSX released by Clube MSX magazine in 2018. The game was inspired by the classic electronic game Simon, but it has a fantasy, medieval background, with a scenery and characters. It was Clube MSX's first game.

About five years later, Clube MSX now releases the Excellent version of the game. "The 4 Masters of Melody Ex" features enhanced graphics, optimized color palette for MSX2, title music, four background music options, joystick support, hero animation during gameplay, ending story with animation, cutscene, and the "Where Did I Go Wrong?" feature, which shows, in case of game over, which was the correct color to choose.


ATTENTION: if you have already purchased SAK (stab and kill) a few days before buying this game, we will refund the shipping costs of this game. Place your order normally. You don't have to make any request, the refund will be automatic within 24 hours.
We will ship SAK + The 4 Masters Of Melody Ex in the same package, so you will receive SAK in June.

The game does not work on VG8020-19

Certified functional on :
-Canon V20
-Sony HB75F
-Philips VG8020-00 avec VDP F18A
-Philips NMS8245
-Philips NMS8235

Requires 32Kb of ram.

The 4 Masters of Melody Ex is an MSX game published in cartridge version.

You are Mirkell, a talented bard who got lost in the legendary and feared Forest of Melody. Fortunately, you were found by four entities known as The 4 Masters of Melody, powerful local guardians with a ghostly appearance and a stature much larger than that of an ordinary human. They decided to help you get out of the forest, but with one condition: that you are able to reproduce the twenty melodies played by them, thus proving that you are truly a talented minstrel. Otherwise, the 4 Masters of Melody will unleash their fury upon you.

Our edition includes:

•A cardboard drawer box printed in four colors with internal foam wedges. In BIG BOX format, this box measures 19 X14 X 4cm. This box is identical to all those of our MSX catalog, so you can store it in your collection "made by Côté Gamers".

The 4 master of Melody ex MSX box

•The game on cartridge + its sticker.

The 4 masters of melody ex cartridge MSX cassette

•A 12-page full-color French-English-Spanish manual, including 2 in english.

The 4 masters of melody ex instructions manual

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