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Adapted from the MSX game of the same name, Pyramid Warp is a Maze Game featuring 16 levels set in a pyramid!
Play like Indiana Jones and collect all the treasures!

Released in October 2023.

BONUS : With every purchase of this game, you'll receive surprise bonus cards for our next game. This future game is a family board game using Intellivision, cards and pieces. The bonus cards will not be included in the basic edition of this next game and will not be reproduced!

You play an adventurer in the vein of the famous Indiana Jones, except that instead of placing the relics you unearth in a museum, you prefer to take them for yourself. But you can't plunder the relics of the past with impunity, and the pyramids you explore are guarded by scorpions, bats and snakes! And that's not all: if you open the wrong sarcophagus, you'll release the immortal mummy, who will pursue you relentlessly. But perhaps you'll die of asphyxiation if you take too long to explore each floor of what will then become your tomb!

What is Pyramid Warp ?

Move through the labyrinths of a pyramid, avoiding the creatures that lurk within. Open the sarcophagi and collect the treasures they conceal, but don't wake up the mummy - even your pistol won't kill it. And don't forget to keep an eye on your oxygen supply!

Pyramid Warp Intellivision screenshots

The game comes in a high-quality 360-gram cardboard drawer box with foam wedges for the contents. The dimensions of this box are the same as those of our other Intellivision games, allowing you to store your collection of Côté Gamers games without disparity.

Pyramid Warp Intellivision box

The game does not come with instructions in the form of a booklet. However, the necessary instructions can be found on the back of the mini poster provided.

Pyramid Warp Intellivision poster and manual

The cartridge used for this game is 3D printed. It comes with its own special sticker.

Pyramid Warp Intellivision cartridge

This cartridge does not have a unique sticker. You will receive one of the following:

Pyramid Warp Intellivision cartridges labels

The game also comes with 2 overlays:

Pyramid Warp Intellivision Overlays

For this new game, we are replacing our usual making-of with a series of 9 new encyclopaedic cards on the intellivision. If you already have some of our games on this console, you have some of our encyclopedia cards. This time we offer you the opportunity to complete your collection with new cards.

Pyramid Warp Intellivision encyclopedic files deluxe edition
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