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Demon Fire draws part of its inspiration from Demon Attack by Imagic. This program has been adapted on different machines with more or less success. But Demon Fire doesn't try to copy its elder brother and moves away from it considerably, thus constituting an original title and fully using the capacities of the Magnavox console.

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Scenario :

On the peaceful planet K-Bor, the skies suddenly darken when interstellar portals open, unleashing a horde of alien demons. Caught off guard, the inhabitants of K-Bor must join forces to repel this intergalactic threat and save their world from annihilation.

Demon Fire Odyssey² Videopac screenshots

Our BIG BOX edition is a collector's edition! You'll have the pleasure of discovering :

A 13 X 19 X 4.5cm box.

This box is part of our new Premium collection. The cardboard weight has been increased, and the box is printed on all sides. The outer band frames a plastic box.

Demon Fire Videopac boite box odyssey 2

The game on cartridge + sticker.

Please note that the cartridge is a 3D printing creation by Côté Gamers. It is not a perfect replica of the original cartridges. !

Demon fire Videopac Odyssey 2 cartucho de juego

A trilingual English, Portuguese and Netherlandish full-color manual featuring a making-of.

As usual with Côté Gamers and our standard editions, the making-of looks back at the genesis of the game, its inspiration and development process.

Demon Fire odyssey 2 videopac notice instruction manual illustration cover artwork

•2 posters of the illustrations used for the box and the instructions.

These posters are double-sided, one with the title, the other without. So you can display the illustration at your convenience in your gaming room.

Odyssey 2 Demon Fire Videopac poster Artwork illustration of the box.jpg
 Odyssey 2 Demon fire Videopac poster Artwork illustration of the instruction manual booklet.jpg

Data sheet

100% in colors on high quality paper (130gr) with making-of
14 X19 X4 cm high quality cardboard box with foam protections
6 encyclopedic files

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