Bomb'n Blast 2 Colecovision - Standard Version


Physical edition in a high quality slipcase with foam protections.

Bilingual manual, 46 pages, 3.94 X 5.90 inches, perfect binding, high quality paper 130gr, full colors.

Making of the game included in the manual.

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Bombing is everything  !

Bomb'n blast is a puzzle game inspired by Tetris and Bombliss, but the rules are not exactly the same.

The aim of the game is to empty 37 levels with the help of shapes falling from the top of the screen, by making lines containing bombs.

The  More lines you make, the more powerful the bomb of the line will be, making chain reactions to empty the level.

Bomb'n Blast 2 for ColecoVision, screenshot  bomb'n blast 2 for colecovision, screenshot 2  Bomb'n Blast 2 for Colecovision, screenshot 3

1 Game for 8 variations !

You'll have to choose between 4 difficulty modes : easier, normal, harder, hardest and the game type.

Game Type let you choose if the falling shapes are generated Randomly, or if they follow a sequence (3 sequences available) who will be the same at every game.

Differences with Bomb'n Blast 1

Bomb'n blast 2 develops the concept and overcomes the flaws of the first version.

It integrates more levels, a more progressive difficulty, pieces that no longer appear in one block. This last point is important because it could lead to an unfair game over in the most advanced levels in the first game.

The levels are more numerous and a Time Attack mode is implemented.

The graphics have been greatly improved.

It is now possible to choose to play with random pieces or pieces that follow a sequence among 3. Each one has figures appearing in a specific order. Each new game with these settings reproduces the same order of arrival of the pieces, which is ideal for competitions.

The whole thing still weighs 32 Kb - and does not use the SGM - thanks to a new image compression mode.

An edition of quality

Bomb'n Blast 2 comes in a quality slipcase, 14 X 19 X 4 CM, printed, full colors, with foam protection.

Bomb'n Blast 2 ColecoVision Boite Michel Louvet

A full color manual with a Making-of

Its manual, 3.94 X 5.90 inches, perfect binding, offers english and french instructions and manual on 46 pages, full colors, on high quality paper 130 gr.

Bomb'n Blast 2 for Colecovison, instructions manual

 Bomb'n Blast 2, deluxe edition instructions manuel sample 1Bomb'n Blast 2, deluxe edition instructions manuel sample 2

1 Postcards

Our edition comes with a postcard. 

Bomb'n Blast 2 for Colecovison, deluxe edition postcard sample 2  

Data sheet

1 postcard
Yes, included in the instructions manual

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