This megarom game is designed to run on any msx2, msx2+ or msx Turbo-R with 128kb vram and 16kb ram.
The cartridge features an SCC.

This game is available on pre-order, shipments are scheduled for the end of July.

All the profits from the sales of this game will be donated to the association The sound Of Animals 
Find the association on its Twitter account
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Your combat knife is part of yourself, An extension of your special operations skills.
It’s time to put that in action !!!
Infiltrate behind the enemy lines at valverde headquarters to rescue general F. ramirez.
Problem is, your country is cutting army’s budget and you are dropped behind enemy lines just with your great knife.
Make your way through 4 areas to achieve your rescue mission, making good use of special weapons against your enemies.
God bless you!

SAK Stab And Kill MSX MSX2 capture d'écran

Our edition includes:

•A cardboard drawer box. This box measures 19 X14 X 4cm.

Buyers of our previous MSX games will be able to put this title in their collection, as the box is identical to our previous editions.

SAK Stab And Kill MSX box

The game on cartridge + its sticker. This cartridge features a pcb with Konami's SCC chip. The music will be played during your game without the need for an additional cartridge.

SAK Stab And Kill MSX cartridge and sticker

A full-color manual in French, English and Spanish.

SAK Stab And Kill MSX instruction manual

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