Sir Ababol - Reprint


The famous knight in shining armor of the Mojon Twins returns for an adventure on ColecoVision. Adapted by Alekmaul (Jean-Michel Girard), this version aims to be faithful to the original but erases a few playability flaws.

Making-of and return on the ColecoVision platform games included in the manual.

Compared to the dematerialized version put online by the developer, the game has been expanded and has undergone various changes. We also carried out an in-depth beta test. This version is therefore much more playable and successful and many details distinguish it.

WARNING : this reissue does not offer a bonus postcard anymore.

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You, Sir Ababol, have lost your precious sword. Without it, you can never reach Jerusalem! What a strange stroke of fate that you have to collect 25 flowers to get your weapon back!

But don't underestimate this task, taking these flowers is a test and you will need all your courage to overcome it.

Sir Ababol ColecoVision écran  Sir Ababol ColecoVision écran 2

Sir Ababol ColecoVision écran 3  Sir Ababol ColecoVision écran 4

An edition of quality

Sir Ababol is offered in a high quality, four-color process printed, drawer box edition with internal foam inserts. The model is based on the Knight 'n More, Muncher Mouse and Bomb 'n Blast 2, which is a collector's favourite.

Sir Ababol ColecoVision Boite

A color manual with making-of and overview on the platform games of Colecovision

This leaflet of 60 pages in the format 10 X 15 cm is 100% in colors and square back glued. Its 130gr paper is of high quality.

The making-of included comes back on the development of the game, an aspect that our players have liked since our first editions.

As a bonus, you will find the second part of our overview on the platform games of the Colecovision. The first part can be found in the Uwol-Quest for money notice on Colecovision.

Sir Ababol ColecoVision Notice instructions manual cover

Sir Ababol ColecoVision notice instructions manual sample making of 1

Sir Ababol ColecoVision notice instructions manual sample making of 2

Sir Ababol ColecoVision notice instructions manual sample making of 3

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