Uwol - Reprint


Uwol returns to ColecoVision. Discover the adventures of the richest video game hero in a version programmed by the no less famous Jean-Michel Girard, aka Alekmaul!

High-quality, four-color printed drawer box edition with internal foam wedges.

Bilingual manual, 60 pages, 10 X 15 cm, square back glued, 100% in color, printed on high quality 130gr paper with Making-of.

This version has been expanded and beta-tested in a thorough way. This version is therefore much more playable and accomplished and many details distinguish it.

WARNING : this re-release does not offer bonus postcards anymore.


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Uwol didn’t have enough after earning about the 90% of all the income which resulted of selling retro videogames in Spain and getting himself rich. Now he wants to experience the adventures of his good old idols while he keeps engrossing his bank account, ’cause that’s the very matter of his existence.
After gathering precious prizes following the steps of his favorite classic videogame heroes (this is, the fire which doesn’t burn -which looks great in the hall of his house-, the proton pistol with the proton charger, three knickers from Gremla, the book of bills of Miner Willy, Wally’s pajamas, the Sword of Power (just a copy, ’cause the real one is in use), heaps of Saimaza coffee…), he learns that a mysterious and excentric millionaire, formerly a thief, hides quite a big fortune in gold coins in a very old manor next to Canutos Forest -the so-called Storm Palace. So he decides to emulate his idol Goodie and steal them!

The objective of the game is to steal the most amount of coins possible. Uwol won’t want to end his mission until he collects a minimum of 255 of those.
The manor rooms are arranged like a pyramid, starting from the very top, and after you clean a room of coins you will be given the chance to choose which path (left or right) to take. You select a path walking over one of the arrows which appear and pressing DOWN.

Uwol ColecoVision écran  Uwol ColecoVision écran 2

Uwol ColecoVision écran 4  Uwol ColecoVision écran 3

A quality edition

Uwol - Quest for money est offert dans une édition en boîte tiroir de haute qualité, imprimée en quadrichromie avec cales internes en mousse. Le modèle reprend celui de Knight'n More, Muncher Mouse et Bomb'n Blast 2, apprécié des collectionneurs.

Uwol Quest for money ColecoVision box

A full-color manual with making-of and return on the Colecovision platform games

This 60-page leaflet (10 X 15 cm format) is 100% in color and square back glued. Its paper of 130gr is of high quality.

The making-of included comes back on the development of the game, an aspect which pleases since our first editions.

As a bonus, you will find the first part of our return on the platform games of the Colecovision. The second part can be found in the instructions manual of Sir Ababol's for Colecovision. 

Sir Ababol for ColecoVision

Uwole Quest for money Manuel notice instructions cover

Uwol Quest for money Colecovision instruction manual sample making of

Uwol Quest for money instructions manual sample making of 2

Uwol Quest for money instructions manual sample making of 3

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