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Welcome to the world of Tiny Magic.

Tiny Magic is a cute puzzle game for MSX2 or higher that tells the story of mage-in-training Thiharis, who has to pass over 50 increasingly dangerous stages to join the Mage Master circle.

Remember to check the hardware requirements below

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The game runs on MSX2 or higher with at least 128 kB RAM and 128 kB VRAM.

The music in the game requires MSX Music (FM-PAC).


It is the year 1890. In our modern world, magic and mages are waning.

At Mahoutokoro Magic School a student is chosen for the final Master Mage exam.

This year young water mage Thiharis will be tested for his magic skills and intellect.

His teacher Alcina guides our hero to Ogaisuma Island for the final test.

Can you beat Alcina's trials and become the new master water mage?

  MSX Tiny Magic screenshots


-A cardboard drawer box. This box measures 19 X 14 X 4cm.

Buyers of our previous MSX games will be able to store this title in their collection, as the box is identical to our previous releases.

Tiny Magic MSX2 Box

-The game on cartridge

Tiny Magic MSX2 Cartridge and label

-A high quality 36 pages manual including 10 pages in English.

MSX Tiny Magic Instructions Manual

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Data sheet

36 pages including 10 in English, full color, square-glued spine, high quality 130gr paper
High quality drawer box, fully colored, with internal foam protection

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