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Metro Meros is an action game based on speed and reflexes. Help your character survive and regain his freedom in a world where only members of the ruling class can be free!

Available: December 9th 2023 (you can pick it up on the Goto40 event in Netherland  on the same day too)

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Requires MSX2 (VRAM128k), MSX2+ or MSX Turbo R.


The year is 2350 AD.
The world is divided between the dominant and the dominated classes, and people are treated unequally from birth. Meros, a member of the ruled class, is arrested for a crime he doesn't remember.

Being poor, Meros couldn't afford a lawyer and was imprisoned without being able to defend himself.

This practice was widespread at the time. It was a corrupt system in which the poor were accused of crimes they had not committed, imprisoned and forced to provide free labor!

But even in this world that massively favors the ruling class, there is recourse for the governed. It was public jailbreak! The law stipulated that "poor people who cannot afford a lawyer and have no possibility of defending themselves can prove their innocence by using their own bodies".

After being fitted with an electric suit that explodes after a while, and having his handcuffs removed, Meros found himself on the escape route.

Run to freedom, Meros!

MSX Metro Meros screenshots

Our edition includes:

•A cardboard drawer box printed in four colors with internal foam wedges. In BIG BOX format, this box measures 19 X14 X 4cm. This box is identical to all those of our MSX catalog, so you can store it in your collection "made by Côté Gamers".

Metro Meros box MSX2

•The game on cartridge + its sticker.

Metro Meros cartridge MSX2

•A 50-page full-color French-English-Spanish manual, 14 of which are in English.

Metro Meros MSX2 instruction manual

Data sheet

50 pages in color, 14 in English
High-quality cardboard with foam protection for cartridge inside

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