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Welcome to the world of Eggy's Maze.

Eggy's Maze is a cute puzzle game for MSX2 or higher that tells the story of a a terrestrial bird who wants to fly in the skies. Solve puzzles, collect keys and make your dream come true.

Remember to check the hardware requirements below

The game runs on MSX2 or higher.


You're a bird! But don't get too excited - you can't fly. You're one of those birds that must always stay on the ground. Yet you dream of joining the swirling clouds in the skies!

There's a magical labyrinth in which eggs can grant the power to fly. In no time at all, you're off to the labyrinth. But it won't be easy, as the eggs are guarded, and only those who show boldness and cunning can seize them and make their dream come true.

Will you be one of them?

  MSX Eggy's Maze screenshots


-A cardboard drawer box. This box measures 19 X 14 X 4cm.

Buyers of our previous MSX games will be able to store this title in their collection, as the box is identical to our previous releases.

Eggy's Maze MSX2 Box

-The game on cartridge

Eggy's Maze MSX2 Cartridge and label

-A high quality 20 pages manual including 8 pages in English.

MSX Eggy's Maze Instructions Manual

75 Items

Data sheet

20 pages including 4 in English, full color.
High quality drawer box, fully colored, with internal foam protection

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